Does your closet look like this? Is it filled to the brim with shirts crammed in so tight you can’t tell a sleeveless from a turtleneck?  Are there more clothes on the floor than actually on hangers? Are there shoes in there that you haven’t worn in more than 5 years? Or LONGER?

closet organization

If so, it’s time to work on your closet organization skills.

Step 1: Clean it out. Go through that closet piece by piece (yes, it’ll be tough).  Take to Goodwill anything you haven’t worn in the past year that is still in good shape. If it’s looking too worn, use it for a rag or toss it.

Step 2: Invest in good hangers. Good hangers will keep your clothes nicely stored without stretching them or leaving marks.

Step 3: Organize.  While you’re hanging items back up, make sure to organize them by pants, dresses, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved, etc. This makes it much easier to locate items.

Step 4: Invest in hooks! Hooks are great for hanging belts, long skirts, scarves, purses and more! They are a great way to add extra storage space to get items off of your floor.

Step 5: Use clear storage bins or baskets.  These are great options if you have shelves and want to store shoes.  You can stack them and still see what’s what.  Baskets are another great option for holding belts and scarves if you don’t have room for hooks.

Step 6: Do you have room for a small dresser or 3-4 drawer storage bin? These are also great options for storing sweaters, lingerie, pajamas and other garments that don’t work well on hangers or that you don’t want so visible.

Step 7: Use all your space! Consider even using hooks on the back of your door if possible.  Follow these steps and instead of your closet looking like the one above, it will look more like this one:

white wardrobe with shirts and pants hanging

Basic closet organization
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