If you constantly find yourself digging through clutter on your desk, or searching through a pile of folders, I’ve got a few tips for you. It’s our hope here at Spacecreators that these desk organization ideas will improve your workspace and make you more productive!

1. If work is completed, if a task is done, then get that paperwork out of sight! Use file drawers, folders, and the recycle bin to move completed work off of your desk.

2. Label everything. Clearly label folders, notes, and notebooks so that items are easy to locate.

3. Know yourself. If you’re a stacker, don’t try to be otherwise. But only include things in your stack that need your attention.  Clean out the stack once a week to avoid clutter.

4. Use containers. Find containers for pens, paper clips, gadgets, loose paper, everything. Put it in a container that is clear or easy to identify.

5. Got drawers? Use them.

5 desk organization tips