When it comes to keeping kids’ rooms clean, we know it can be a huge hassle. That’s why we’ve created this list, compiled from lots of other great internet sources, of 10 ways to organize your child’s room.  We hope this list will help you to save your sanity and your time!

Toys in a dresser

Tip 1: Remember, we’re talking about kids.

What’s best for organizing your own room might not be best for organizing your child’s room. Closet doors and toy box lids can smash small fingers and dressers with heavy drawers can be daunting.

Instead, think about open bins or lid-less toy boxes for large toys, stuffed animals, and books.

Tip 2: Make things easy to put away

Toys, clothes, and books are more likely to get put away if they’re easy to store.  Use small hangers and low-hanging closet rods that kids can easily access. Have bins labeled for socks, t-shirts, etc., and use low shelves for storing books.

Tip 3: Bottom first!

When organizing, remember that a child’s favorite toys, clothes, shoes, etc need to be within reach.  So store those items they’re going to use most often closest to the floor on low shelves or in plastic bins.

Tip 4: Label everything.

Not only is this a great way to help your burgeoning reader, it’s also a great way to remind the of where everything goes.  Label a box for legos, a shelf for toy cars, a bin for stuffed animals, and watch it all fall into place!

Tip 5: Build a routine

Help your child use this organization by choosing a time each day, either before bed or in the morning, to pick up toys and straighten clothes. This way they will be used to a routine and keep a room clean won’t be such a chore.

Tip 6: Utilize that space under the bed!

Space under the bed can be great for storing a variety of items: out-of-season clothes, for instance, or even toys in rollable bins that can be pulled out for use and easily stored again when kids are done with them for the day.

Tip 7: Hang it up

Peg Boards (we love peg boards) provide lots of storage space for hanging costume jewelry, craft items, or other toys. Keep them within reach for small kids and you’ll find less on the floor and more on the board.

Tip 8: Create a play table or centers

If you’re passing by a garage sale and spot an old coffee table or small dresser, turn it into a center in your child’s room for crafts, homework, or lego building.

Tip 9: Storage stools

Use wooden crates as stools that double as storage areas for kids.  You can find colorful pillows or cushions to use for the seats and then can store books, stuffed animals, or even craft supplies inside.

Tip 10: Contain everything!

Use small plastic storage containers for storing Barbie and all her gear; use another for storing all those lego pieces; use a third for containing doll clothes, and a larger one for dress-up gear or toy cars.

We hope these tips help you to find new storage ideas and solutions for your child’s room. If you need a custom built storage solution, visit our website, gjspacecreators.com or call us at 234-0039.

10 Tips for organizing your child’s bedroom

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