How to Organize a Homework Station

Back to school season is here! Whether you’re homeschooling or have kids back in the classroom, it’s important to make sure their homework station is organized.  As you know, an organized desk and office make work life easier. The same is true for your kids. Having an organized space means kids are less distracted. Whether you have a custom office space or have created your own homework space near your kitchen or dining room, there are several easy ways to organize your homework station.

A place for everything

First, have your student spend some time after completing their homework straightening up. Now, when your child heads to the desk for their next homework assignment, their desk is already clean and ready to go.

Next, make a place for everything. Coffee canisters are great for holding pens and markers. Flat baskets (labeled) are perfect for ongoing projects, homework that needs to be checked by a parent, and items from their backpack that need to be either trashed, displayed, or handed over for signing.

Use a bulletin board or magnet board to help keep fun pictures your child has created or other items visible. Tack flyers for upcoming events here too.

Zippy bags are an excellent way to store small craft items. If your child is working on a collage or diorama, you can pull out your basket of zippy bags filled with pipecleaners, glue sticks, scissors, stickers, leftover bits of scrapbook paper, etc.

Visible To-Dos

Finally, help your student organize your homework station with a marker-board to-do list too. A to-do list is great for ongoing projects or repeated homework assignments, like spelling words. It’s a good way to remind your student to do these things each week.

For more homework station organization tips, watch this video from Ria’s World of Ideas. 

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How to Organize a Homework Station

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