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An at-home office should be a space where productivity can flourish. No matter what job you have, if you work from home or have a corporate position, a clean and organized place to work is essential. In this blog, we have ideas on organizing your office space and how to make your space work for you.


Think about the items you have in your office right now. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is this item used regularly?
  • Does it have a specific purpose that serves me?
  • Is it necessary for my work?

Your office needs to have only the necessary items that assist you in your work. Eliminate extra things from your space to donate or throw away; even sort through digital files and keep essential documents; and organize personal and work-related files into separate folders.

Optimize Your Workplace

  • Buy a desk with drawers to increase storage.
  • Have the desk near a window to work in natural light.
  • Invest in adding floating shelves or floor-to-ceiling cabinets to maximize vertical space.
  • Buy cable organizers to keep cords tidy.

Storage Solutions

  • Have a designated drawer for tiny items, such as pens, office supplies, and paper.
  • Keep essential documents in cabinets or drawers.
  • Label everything! Mainly folders for files. 
  • Consider a rolling cart for frequently used items if there’s not much room for bigger storage solutions. 

Watch for more home office organization tips, coming soon. Ready to get started on a custom storage solution for YOUR home? Contact Kirk at (970) 234-0039.

Home Office Organization Ideas: Part I

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