Five Steps to an Organized Guest Bathroom

If you’re like many families, your “guest” bathroom gets used on a daily basis by everyone in the house. Maybe the shower doesn’t get used often, but the rest of it does! Even if it doesn’t get used often, this time of year we bet it does. We’ve got five steps to an organized guest bathroom to get you off on the right foot with your guests this holiday season.

  1. Give that bathroom a good scrubbing using your favorite cleaners. For some DIY cleaning options, click here.
  2. Get organized. Guests will be hunting around for towels, wash clothes, toiletries, etc. Keep everything easy to find by using a variety of pretty baskets or clear storage boxes. On the counter use a small basket to organize all those “might have forgotten” items for your guests like toothbrushes, dental floss, combs, razors, lotion, etc. You might even consider an eye mask or earplugs.
  3. Organize the linen closet.  If your bathroom holds a linen closet, it’s time to get it organized too. An easy way to make your towels look amazing is (two steps): fold them all the same way and stack them, by color, with the “nice” folded end facing out.  Add decorative touches here by using baskets to hold your extra wash cloths and hand towels too.
  4. Don’t just leave a bunch of half-empty shampoo bottles and such all over the shower. Organize those too with an over-the-shower head organizer or one that suction cups to the wall. If neither of those options works, at least use a nice basket to hold all the shower goodies.

If it’s time for a true make over of this guest bathroom space, call us! We’d love to help you get the storage and countertop space to make your guest bathroom functional for the entire family! (970) 234-0039.

Five Steps to an Organized Guest Bathroom

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