Five Items to Organize your VRBO

If you own a VRBO or two, you know that there’s a fine balance between providing space for your guests to store their things, and providing THINGS so your guests don’t have to bring them! In order to make your guests as comfortable as possible, it’s important to give them room. A little bit of help with organizing doesn’t hurt either!

Five Items to Organize your VRBO

Mudroom / Entryway

A shoe rack right at the door will encourage anyone entering to drop their shoes there. This not only keeps guests from tripping over their own stuff, it keeps your floors cleaner.  If it’s winter, add a “boot bucket” big enough for 3-4 pair of ski boots so that snow doesn’t melt on your floors.

five items to organize your vrbo
Even a simple bench can encourage guests to stop and take their shoes off.

Include hooks for jackets and hats in this space as well. Again, if your VRBO often gets used for skiing add some ski storage with a rubber mat (rimmed) for melting snow.

Bedroom / Bathroom

If you have the space and can find one, a luggage stand (or two) is a nice addition to the bedrooms in your VRBO. Otherwise, a table at the foot of the bed or even in the closet can be used for the same thing. Some closet space with nice hangers is a great touch too.

In the bathroom you can keep your shower cleaner by providing a sturdy shower caddy. This gives your guests a great place to store their items (remember they might be travel sized) without trying to balance them on tub edges or shower floors.

Living Room

The last of our five items to organize your VRBO is the storage ottoman. In VRBOs these are invaluable! Not only do they provide more seating space, but you can store games in these, your guests can tuck away kids’ toys or dog toys in the evenings, etc. If you prefer not to have ottomans, just having some empty baskets available in the living room can serve the same purpose (as far as storage goes).

Five Items to Organize your VRBO

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