Easy Backyard Upgrades

How to Upgrade Your Backyard Space

We blog often about organization.  Ok, we always blog about organization. However, there are time when “organization” isn’t so much storing things as it is having a lovely space to invite friends and family into. Within that space organization just happens! While it may still be “wintry” out, we’ve got some Easy Backyard Upgrades for your spring plans!

Clean It

The first step in upgrading your backyard area is to get it nice and clean. This may include pressure washing, sweeping, scrubbing chairs and yes, some organizing. Benches that double as storage are a great way to do some of this!

Light It

String lights add great ambiance to your backyard space. Use trees or string lights as you would for the holidays if you need to.  Take a less is more approach with these festive summertime lights though. A little bit can make a big impact! Consider LED string lights from Bed Bath and Beyond as one option.

Color It

Coloring your patio or deck is great if you’re wondering how to upgrade your backyard space. There are several ways to add color to your patio or deck area. First, you can stain the deck itself.  Colors matching our area, like deep reds, are a good option.  Others might include steel blue or even a turquoise-type stain.

Next, consider adding an area rug.  Outdoor rugs add color, patterns, and interest to your area. Choose ones specifically made for outdoor use that are easy to clean and dry quickly.

One final way to add color is to add art! Whimsical yard art like that at Wild Cactus Pottery is a great option! Also consider old metal or tin signs, like those you can find in downtown Grand Junction at various antique stores.

Heat It

Consider adding a chiminea or propane fire pit to your backyard. Desert nights are almost always cool ones and adding a fire pit can bring coziness to your outdoor area. This is just one more suggestion of how to upgrade your backyard space, but it’s an easy backyard upgrade!  Think of all those nights around campfires, and then find a less-smokey way to bring that to the backyard. Solo Stove’s propane fire pit is a great option to start with.

Spring is almost here! Let’s get out and enjoy our backyard spaces! Need help with organizing it? Contact us for custom storage solutions! 

Easy Backyard Upgrades

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