For years, pantries were painted particle board, and further back, painted boards. Today, a customized pantry organization system can include a 78″ tall lazy susan (shown in pic), roll out trays or drawers, adjustable shelving, storage specific to item (spice drawers, recycle centers, wicker slide out vegetable storage, etc..). The lazy susan shown in the picture is a great way to accomplish corner storage without the inconvenience of a corner. This pantry is approximately 4′ by 4′ with a 10′ ceiling and an 8′ door. The top shelf is fixed at 94″ off the floor, all the shelves below, with the exception of the one that secures the top of the lazy susan, are adjustable. The lazy susan trays adjust and rotate independent of one another. The 2″ tall chrome rails in addition to the 1.5″ tray lip prevent items from falling when rotating the tray. Shelves that adjust can be set to heights to maximize shelf space, roll-outs can be added below countertops to increase accessibility to lower storage space. New products are continuously arriving on the market to increase storage and accessibility.

Sample shelving for Kitchen Pantries
Sample pantry example with lazy susan, shelving, wine storage and more.

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