How to Organize Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Great ideas to start organizing for a productive New Year. Having an optimal workspace can greatly affect your productivity. Here is what you should do. Where you work affects how you work. Working in a cluttered, messy, or distracting environment will affect your work, and probably in a negative way. If you're like the average

5 desk organization tips

If you constantly find yourself digging through clutter on your desk, or searching through a pile of folders, I’ve got a few tips for you. It’s our hope here at Spacecreators that these desk organization ideas will improve your workspace and make you more productive! 1. If work is completed, if a task is done,

Using the KonMari Method

Often on here we give you tips for how to organize various room in your house.  That’s one way of organizing, but Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has a different method. Clothes are the first item Kondo suggests organizing. Her KonMari method of organizing involves working on categories of items

The 43 folder method

As the manager of this blog, I should be more organized.  I spend my days working on a variety of website design, social media, and blog work for clients, and my desk often ends up cluttered with sticky notes, bits of paper, and a filled to-do list.  While discussing this with my BFF the other