New tips for organizing your Holiday Decor

Dec. 2017 It’s November, beginning of December and time for the Holidays to begin unfolding! You love the excitement that swirls around all the fun activities and you love the entertaining! But along with entertaining come the overwhelming thoughts of decorating for the holidays. Pulling all that tangled mess of lights out, and the boxes

Guest Room Organization

  Added stress for the holidays can really ruin the fun. So look ahead, plan for your guests. Get the guest room set-up in advance and they will feel at home or even better than being at home! It doesn’t have to be fancy, just clean and comfortable! Here are a few tips to take:

Organizing your holiday decorations

Organizing strings of lights, rolls of wrapping paper, and piles of Christmas Tree ornaments can be challenging.  Here are 10 tips for organizing your holiday decorations: 1. Label everything! Label boxes by holiday and type of decoration inside. If you use shelves in a closet to store decorations, consider labeling these too. 2. Store ornaments in cardboard liquor