Garage storage organization 101

We all know what happens: You have the best intentions of keeping your garage spic and span! You plan to always be able to park the car in it and to have the best garage organization system possible! And then…life happens. So what can you do? Start back at the beginning. FIRST: take stock of everything

5 Tips for tool organization

When it comes to organizing your garage, your tool storage area is one of the most important areas to get straightened up.  There are many ways to organize your toolbox, including having custom storage shelves built for you.   Below are 5 simple ways to help you organize: Use a pegboard.  Pegboards have so many

5 Pinterest ideas we can create for you

We love Pinterest as much as the next crafty person, so we've put together a list of 10 fun storage and organization ideas we found that we can recreate for you! This crazy storage bed. Hinged to make it easy to raise, this bed contains a massive amount of storage underneath!  The possibilities are endless.