Bath and Shower Storage Solutions

Did you know it's possible to organize your shower? It is! It's a small space, yes, but finding shower storage solutions isn't as easy as you might think. First, consider the amount of space you have.  If your bathtub or shower area is large, a standing shower storage caddy might be a good option, like this one from Wayfair.  This could even work to go beside your tub, so it doesn't have to be just a shower storage solution.  The open steel here allows for drainage and you could even include a smaller basket or caddy for razors. If you

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Prepping for a renovation

When you decide to start prepping for a renovation project there are, obviously, many things to consider.  Before you start ripping out walls and sinks and such, make sure to take your time and follow these simple tips. Get some inspiration.  Whether it's from the pages of a magazine or our Pinterest page, consider looking for ideas of what you want to create before you begin.  This will help you think about colors, storage, spacing, etc. Measure, measure, measure! There's no point in planning a project if you don't know the measurements of the space you're working with.  Measure and write

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Homework Station Organization Ideas

It's back to school time and that means it's also homework time! We're here to provide you with several homework station organization ideas to help get your students' homework routine off to a great start. Make sure they have plenty of space.  In the photo above you can see that each person has a great amount of space to spread out when working on a project.  If they're cramped and there's no room to get all your markers out or your rulers and calculators, then students aren't going to use the space. Consider your storage options and homework station location. 

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Mudroom Organization: Tips and Tricks for keeping that mudroom tidy!

This week's blog post is all about mudroom organization. I'm obsessed with mudrooms even though I don't actually have one. I have a space I could turn into one, so perhaps this post will be my inspiration for doing so! We've compiled several tips for mudroom organization, plus we're including images from our Pinterest board too! This mudroom picture from Pinterest shows many of the features we're including in our tips list below: a bench, baskets, hooks, shelving storage, and space for shoes. Hooks are a must for mudroom organization.  They can be used for raincoats, ski jackets, hats, the

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What’s your organizational style?

Does your desk look like this?  Or maybe it's got piles of file folders, piles of loose papers, and post-it notes all over.  Maybe it's just a giant jumble. In any case, the way your desk looks can help define what type of organization style you have.  One isn't necessarily better than the other - as long as YOU know where things are and you get things done, then whatever organizational style you have clearly works! Answer the questions below and keep track of your responses to find out which style best describes you. My desk truly does look like...

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