Clean out your kitchen pantry

We think a custom built kitchen pantry is a thing most home chefs dream of. However, if that pantry gets cluttered and you're afraid to open the door, it may be time for a pantry clean out. There are lots of reasons to clean out your kitchen pantry, but in our mind there are 2 main ones: to get rid of broken appliances or expired products, and because if you can't SEE what's in there, you're not going to use it! First, take everything out of the pantry.  As you do, follow the Marie Kondo idea of asking if this

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Minimalist Christmas Ideas: Avoid Holiday Stress and Holiday Overload

We all know the holidays can be a wonderful time of joy and giving.  It's a time to share with family and friends, to be thankful for what we have, and to feel oh so happy! Unless you don't. Unless you're stressed because there are presents to buy and cookies to make and the house is a mess and grandma is coming and AHHHH! If this sounds like you, we've put together a list of blog posts you should read. These blogs talk about how to avoid holiday stress.  They discuss holiday overload and how to explain to others that

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Small Tips for Organizing During the Holidays

The holidays can be overwhelming, am I right? There are parties to attend, kids' school functions, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, and decorations too. Let's not forget there are guests coming for the holidays too. However, your tidy home and organizing efforts don't have to get pushed aside just because it's a busier time of year. We've got small tips for organizing and cleaning during the holidays to help you. Keep cleaning wipes in all the bathrooms. When you're in there doing your business, take a few minutes to wipe down the sink and toilet. If you've got glass

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How do I make room for my pets?

If you're finding your home over run with cat toys, dog bones, and beds that you don't sleep in, it may be time to make a change. You might be asking yourself, "how do I make room for my pets?" Finding space for your pets and their gear is just as difficult sometimes as finding space for YOUR gear! With a few simple tricks, however, we think you'll be able to find plenty of space for your pets without creating more clutter. Look for unlikely solutions. Is there a vestibule or closet that doesn't get used much? Can you turn

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Finding more space for guests

Thanksgiving is going to be here before you know it.  If you're in charge of hosting this year and you're working on finding more space for guests, consider these options. First, be realistic. Finding more space for guests can be difficult if you live in a studio apartment. You still might be able to find room for a couple, or two individuals, but unless you want a slumber party, sometimes it's best to admit when a hotel might be a better option. Next, survey your space. If you've got at least one guest room, you've got room for a couple

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How to organize your spices

If you have a spice rack or a spice drawer I'm sure there are times when there is no rhyme or reason to the organization of it. I say this because just last week I had to take some time to organize my own spice rack. It's hard to tell someone how to organize your spices, because we're all different.  What works for me might not work well for you. However, I've got 2 ideas for you on how to organize your spices. Maybe one of them will work for you. Before we start organizing, let's talk about some ways

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