Decluttering 101

How did decluttering 101 begin for us? It just happened one day. For years, I've been staring at the shelf under our TV wishing SOMEONE would go through the mass of CDs there and clear out some space. It was cluttered and left our small, cozy space feeling a little bit restrictive.  Yes, CDs can do that to you.  A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, something motivated the spouse to get to work on this project.  What happened next was nothing short of amazing.  We got rid of 3 outdoor-sized trashbags worth of clothes, etc. It all went to

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Gifts for Organizers

Finding the right gift for the organizer in your life doesn't have to be tricky! There are plenty of great items out there to help people stay organized or, if you're trying to get some to start organizing their life, there are gifts that can help with that too.  We checked out several other blogs to compile our own list of 10 items to help people get and stay organized!  1. Magnetic spice rack. The spice racks in our lives are always a bane of the kitchen. We need the spices and we love the spices but having organized spices

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

As we head into December we've got tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree. It seems like it would be easy, right? Put up the tree, throw on some lights and ornaments and voila! It's done! However, if you want a truly beautiful tree, you'll have to give it a bit more effort. The first step is of course, choosing a tree. This is easy enough if you've already got an artificial tree that you use each year. If you're choosing a real tree though, here are a few things to consider: What type decorations are you planning? If

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More holiday organization ideas

We believe that, this time of year and right after the holidays, you can't have enough holiday organization ideas.  So we found this great video by Abby and thought we'd share it with you.  Step 1? Declutter! This video is a great first step in finding the best uses for your holiday storage bins and Abby has lots of other great holiday organization ideas. Here's an excerpt from her video: "I've found that the more organized I am about putting my Christmas decorations away this year, the quicker and easier it will be to get them all out next year,

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New Ways to Organize Holiday Decorations

Let's face it: can you really ever get enough ideas about how to organize your holiday decorations? A long-time friend of mine just explained her method of organizing and it's brilliant.  I wanted to share it with you. My friend has quite a lot of Christmas decorations. It's her favorite holiday and she enjoys putting up trees inside and outside, along with Christmas villages and other holiday decor. However, instead of storing items by group, like "Christmas tree decorations" she stores them by location. For instance, everything that goes with her "Travel" Christmas tree (it has ornaments from trips) goes

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Bedroom organization hacks

Live Your Style is back with another great video to help you get that closet organized! These closet and bedroom organization hacks are a good reminder, especially for those of us who try to avoid looking at the mess in our closets.  Even if you've got a well-designed, space-creating closet, that doesn't mean you're keeping it neat and tidy.  We've embedded the video here and included some of our own ideas for helping to organize that space.  You can also check out our past blog on the KonMari method here.   More bedroom organization hacks: If you have worn it

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