How to organize your spices

If you have a spice rack or a spice drawer I'm sure there are times when there is no rhyme or reason to the organization of it. I say this because just last week I had to take some time to organize my own spice rack. It's hard to tell someone how to organize your spices, because we're all different.  What works for me might not work well for you. However, I've got 2 ideas for you on how to organize your spices. Maybe one of them will work for you. Before we start organizing, let's talk about some ways

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Ways to organize your bedroom

Is your bedroom a mess? You can admit it to us! We understand.  After working all day and trying to fit in family time, meal time, laundry, etc., who has time to think about organizing the bedroom? However, keeping that bedroom organized can be crucial to getting a good night's rest. You need your bedroom to be a place of calm.  How can it be when it looks like your dresser exploded? We've provided a list of easy ways to organize your bedroom.  If you need better storage options or a custom closet design, be sure to give us a

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Fall Home Decluttering Tips

Fall means back-to-school season, PSLs and high school football. Ah, the smells of popcorn and cotton candy... Fall can also mean declutter time! Summer vacations are over and it's time to look through all those seasonal items and decide what stays and what goes.  For our 2019 Fall home decluttering tips, let's start outside. Outside: If you're like me, each spring and summer brings lots of gardening. Garden = plastic pots from the store, bags of soil, and seed packets. Get all of this stuff out of the garden shed or backyard corner and into a trash bin! Get rid

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Homework Station Organization

With school back in session it's time to think once again about the Homework Station.  Probably this summer it's become a great place to color, paint, or work on crafts when it's too hot or raining outside. There is the possibility that this is the first year you've had to think about homework station organization, too. If that's the case, or if you just need new ideas on getting that space to function, we've got you covered with our Who, What, When, Where, How and WHY of homework station organization. Photo from WHO needs a homework station? Kindergarteners all

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Mudroom Organization: 5 Ways to Get Started

Mudroom areas are hard to define.  Perhaps your mudroom looks like the above, with a nice set of shelves, benches, hooks, etc. Chances are, unless you've got a custom built home, your "mudroom" might just be a small entry way or some combination of entry way with a tiny alcove, or just a bench by the front door! So what can you do to define that space and make the most of it? Here are some ideas to help with your mudroom organization. Define the space - use an indoor/outdoor rug to help clearly define your "mudroom" area. Find a

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Decluttering Kitchen Counters

If you love everything about your kitchen except for its cluttered counters, you're not alone! We know many of you out there are looking for tips on decluttering kitchen counters, so we're here to provide a few tips and tricks. These are simple ideas that might spark a solution for you from items you already have in your home, or things you can purchase at dollar stores. Day-to-day stuff:  Find other places for your day-to-day stuff. Is there a basket that can be dedicated to keys and sunglasses? Or a shelf as you walk in the door? Even a bag

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