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The 43 folder method

As the manager of this blog, I should be more organized.  I spend my days working on a variety of website design, social media, and blog work for clients, and my desk often ends up cluttered with sticky notes, bits of paper, and a filled to-do list.  While discussing this with my BFF the other

Organizing your refrigerator doesn’t have to be scary

As I was searching around for new topics to write about related to organization, I stumbled across a post on organizing your refrigerator.  Since I was just having a discussion about this the other night with my better half, it seemed like a good topic to cover. One of the first tips I saw, and

Seasonal closet organization

Fall is upon us, and that means it’s time to start swapping out summer clothes for fall ones.  If you don’t yet have a custom closet, this may mean storing some items until the spring/summer season rolls back around.  Step 1: Organize your clothes into 5 categories: 1 for each season plus a pile for

10 Tips for organizing your child’s bedroom

When it comes to keeping kids’ rooms clean, we know it can be a huge hassle. That’s why we’ve created this list, compiled from lots of other great internet sources, of 10 ways to organize your child’s room.  We hope this list will help you to save your sanity and your time! Tip 1: Remember,

5 Pinterest ideas we can create for you

We love Pinterest as much as the next crafty person, so we've put together a list of 10 fun storage and organization ideas we found that we can recreate for you! This crazy storage bed. Hinged to make it easy to raise, this bed contains a massive amount of storage underneath!  The possibilities are endless.

Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

With the holidays practically here, we know everyone’s home fills up with friends, family, and extra groceries.  This is when it’s more important than ever to have a tidy and organized pantry to turn to.  If nothing else, it’s a safe place of refuge from the crowd at your house!  But seriously, an organized