A Beautiful and Organized Closet

Keeping your closet well-organized, especially in smaller ones, can be challenging and frustrating! Imagine a closet where every piece of clothing is perfectly arranged, allowing you to easily spot and access each item. Never fear if you are tired of shoving things into corners or losing your belongings! We have tips and tricks for achieving a beautiful and organized closet space. 

A beautiful and organized closet
  • Empty and Sort 

First, we need to go through every item and figure out what we want and do not want. Separate everything into piles, one for donations and one for what you will keep. Now, sort and put similar pieces together. 

  • Figure out Storage Needs

Different strategies will need to be used depending on the size of the closet. Do you have primarily clothes that need to be hung up? Do you need shoe space? Accessory space? Understanding these needs can help you focus on what really matters. 

  • Purchasing hangers that fit multiple clothes, such as nice tops and dress pants, utilizes vertical space.
  • Consider putting drawers or matching storage bins/baskets on the floor to place foldable items, like sweaters or athleisure clothing items. Drawers provide space for sectioning and better organization.
  • If you do not have built-in shelves, buy a rack for your shoes. 
  • Get hooks to hang accessories such as hats and necklaces.
  • Use trays for organizing more minor jewelry or cosmetics. Trays ensure everything stays organized. 
  • Organize Effectively
  • Rotate your clothes seasonally. This works well if you have a lot of clothes!
  • Color code your hanging items. This makes the closet visually appealing and makes it easier to put an outfit together.
A Beautiful and Organized Closet

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