Homework station organization

Homework Station Organization

With school back in session it’s time to think once again about the Homework Station.  Probably this summer it’s become a great place to color, paint, or work on crafts when it’s too hot or raining outside. There is the possibility that this is the first year you’ve had to think about homework station organization, too. If that’s the case, or if you just need new ideas on getting that space to function, we’ve got you covered with our Who, What, When, Where, How and WHY of homework station organization.

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WHO needs a homework station? Kindergarteners all the way through seniors in high school need a dedicated work/craft space.  Having a space to put their school work, assignments, backpacks, etc., keeps both your life and theirs more organized.

WHEN should you think about your homework station? Before school starts each year for sure! Take some time before you start back to school shopping to analyze your homework station area. Do you need new file folders? Would baskets work better for your student this year? Is it time for a bulletin board? Put these on your back to school list so you can save time and look for them while you’re already out shopping.

WHERE should your homework station be? Wherever works for you and your students! If they’re younger you may want to have this homework area where you can keep an eye on them: in the kitchen or nearby might be great! However, if you’d prefer to have that space away from the kitchen or dining room so your child can concentrate, consider a space in their bedroom (under a loft is a great idea if you happen to have one of those), use extra closet space as a homework station, or even find an unused alcove at the end of the hall.  Anywhere you’ve got space, good lighting, and few distractions will work well.

WHY do you need a homework station? As we stated above in the “who” section, having a dedicated area keeps everyone’s lives more organized. Otherwise the kids are working on worksheets at the kitchen table while you’re trying to cook and unfinished projects have to be put away in time for dinner. With dedicated space students can leave their projects out; after dinner, if they need to, they can get right back to work. This saves time and frustration for everyone.

Having a dedicated space also means that your student can take ownership of their schoolwork more easily.  They have their OWN space to organize as they like; a space to go to to study for a test, to color a picture for Mom, or to read the next chapter of a book.

HOW do you create that homework station? Start by finding the right space. Then fill it with items you and your child think will work well for you (see the ‘what’ section). Consider your homework station a work in progress.  Everyone organizes differently and discovering an organizational style will require some patience on your part and your child’s.

WHAT should you include? The options are endless! Obviously start with a desk or counter and a comfortable chair of an appropriate height for your child and the space they’re using. After that think about:

  • A powerstrip so that laptops, lights, etc can all be plugged in and useful at the same time.
  • Baskets to organize papers
  • Jars, coffee cans, etc. for holding pens, pencils, markers, rulers, crayons, etc
  • Drawers
  • Clipboards for keeping track of important papers
  • a calendar
  • magnets and a marker board or magnetic paint section of wall
  • a bulletin board
  • hooks for backpacks
  • a lamp
  • a small shelf for books
  • a space for a printer
  • plastic bins for storing all sorts of things

You can find much of what you’ll need for your homework station organization at discount stores like the the Dollar Tree or Big Lots. Look through the $1 section at Target this time of year too or on clearance endcaps.  Scour the house for unused baskets as well.

If you need a custom homework station, feel free to give us a call at (970) 234-0039.  We’d love to help you create one!