mudroom organization

Mudroom Organization: 5 Ways to Get Started

Mudroom areas are hard to define.  Perhaps your mudroom looks like the above, with a nice set of shelves, benches, hooks, etc. Chances are, unless you’ve got a custom built home, your “mudroom” might just be a small entry way or some combination of entry way with a tiny alcove, or just a bench by the front door! So what can you do to define that space and make the most of it? Here are some ideas to help with your mudroom organization.

  1. Define the space – use an indoor/outdoor rug to help clearly define your “mudroom” area. Find a dresser, bench, trunk, some storage ottomans, whatever will work for your space and also hide things like shoes, umbrellas, and sports gear.
  2. Once you’ve got the floor space defined, add hooks. You can find all kinds of decorative hook/shelf combos, or hooks that show off your hobbies – bicycle wall art with hooks, hooks in certain colors, golf tees made into hooks, etc. Hooks and knobs are an easy way to truly personalize the space and they add a great way to hang purses, jackets, bags, etc.
  3. Add a seat.  Perhaps you’ve already included a storage ottoman or a bench seat with storage. If you’ve so far gotten a dresser or other open shelving, it’s time to add a chair. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. An old ladder-back chair from Goodwill will work if that fits with your home’s style! A small chair or stool to sit on when putting on or taking off shoes adds a nice touch.
  4. Catch-all baskets.  Small baskets that will hold keys, mail, phones, earbuds, etc., are a great addition for mudroom organization! These can sit on any sort of small shelf or dresser but will keep clutter at bay and help everyone find their keys when it’s time to leave for work.
  5. If you’ve got a true mudroom space, go big! Can you add a utility sink? A counter and cabinets? Extra hooks for bike helmets and packs? Take advantage of the space, but keep it organized. It may be a mudroom, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be neat! You might even check out our laundry room section for more ideas on what to do with large mudroom spaces.