Desk organization decluttering

Organize Your Office Space

Finding the time and energy to clean off your desk at the end of each day, or organize your office space on a Friday afternoon can be daunting. In fact, it can be down right unbearable! However, with a few simple steps, you can find yourself taking just 5 minutes every afternoon to clean up that desk.  You’ll walk out of work feeling relieved and you’ll walk in the next morning pleasantly surprised at how nice your office looks.

Organize your office space

First, declutter. Get rid of anything that you don’t need or want in the space. Is there an old printer in the corner? Recycle it or take it down to your business’s IT guys. Old 3-ring binders you aren’t using? Deposit those wherever office supplies are kept in your building. If you work from home, make a pile of recycle items, a pile for donating, and a trash pile.  Do this for your shelves, desk drawers, etc. Don’t try to organize right now, just get the clutter out.

Once you’ve done this, evaluate your desk area.  Do you have drawers? Take a trip to your local big box store (think Walmart, Target, even Lowes) and look for small drawer organizers. You can find baskets, bamboo organizers, etc. Use these to organize your desk drawers. Separate paperclips from notepads, usb drives from sticky notes, etc.

The next question to ask once you decide to organize your office space is “What’s on your desk itself?” Can this stuff be moved to drawers or a nearby shelf? Can you use file holders to neatly organize the projects you’re working on? Find the best organization method for you. This may be a neat stack of items, an “in” and “out” box, or even file cabinets. If you choose to go the file cabinet route consider painting them to better match your office decor.

Next, look at your bookshelves, built-ins, or whatever other storage options you have. Use similar looking baskets or neat office organization boxes (again, at the big box stores) to keep these areas looking uniform.

Finally, what wall areas do you have that you can utilize? Is there space for a big bulletin board for calendars, flyers, etc? Is there space for a marker board or glass to brainstorm on? These can add an extra layer of organization to your office and get things off your desk. You can use a marker board as a wall calendar, or pin your wall calendar to your bulletin board. This clears up clutter and allows your desk to become a calming space to work.

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