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Garage Organization Ideas from simple to complex

When it comes to organizing your garage, we know it can be a daunting task. Perhaps you open the garage door and immediately close it back. Perhaps you make a stab at organizing it once in a while only to find yourself overwhelmed. We’ve got three garage organization ideas here, from easy ones to ones that will take more time, money and effort.

After acquiring needed supplies (below) Step 1 for all of these is to take everything out of the garage. So you’ll need a nice day to start this project.  It will help immensely to see a nice blank slate. Sure, your yard is covered with everything, but the garage is clean!

SIMPLE Garage Organization:

Purchase easy to put together shelving.  There are plenty of options here. 

Garage Organization Ideas

This is one example of a garage shelving system you can purchase and put together.  Check before you purchase ot see the maximum height between shelves (most are adjustable) so that you’ll know what sorts of storage boxes to purchase. While you’re out getting your shelving (or buying it online) include storage boxes. Clear boxes are best, and we recommend a few different sizes.  Shelves, boxes, stick-on labels and a good permanent marker are all you need to get started!

Start organizing all that stuff in the yard. Sure some of it won’t fit in a box – the lawnmower, your bikes, etc. That’s ok. More importantly, move all the stuff you don’t want, that you don’t use, or that you don’t need anymore, to one spot. Now, focus on what’s left!

Put like items together – gardening products, small pots, trowels, etc. Christmas decorations in another box, stains and brushes in one, you get the picture. Once you’ve gotten all this stuff off the floor and into organized boxes you’ll have more room for those large items and, best of all, even your car!

INTERMEDIATE Garage Organization

Follow all the above steps, but add a peg board or wall-hanging system like one of these. 

EXPERT Garage Organization

Follow all of the above steps for both Simple and Intermediate Garage Organization and THEN consider adding cabinets or even a garage flooring system like the ones offered here.