New Ways to Organize Holiday Decorations

Organizing Holiday Decorations

Let’s face it: can you really ever get enough ideas about how to organize your holiday decorations? A long-time friend of mine just explained her method of organizing and it’s brilliant.  I wanted to share it with you.

My friend has quite a lot of Christmas decorations. It’s her favorite holiday and she enjoys putting up trees inside and outside, along with Christmas villages and other holiday decor. However, instead of storing items by group, like “Christmas tree decorations” she stores them by location.

For instance, everything that goes with her “Travel” Christmas tree (it has ornaments from trips) goes together. That way she can just get out that one box of items and not drag out everything else searching for those particular ornaments.

She uses several large storage boxes, all the same size so they stack, for storing her decorations.  You can do this too, or depending on your storage situation, consider any of the following as new ways to organize holiday decorations:

  1. Use a chest of drawers.  I do this for wrapping paper, but if your space is limited and you don’t have tons of decorations, you could dedicate one drawer to kitchen decorations, one to bathrooms, living room, etc.
  2. Turn an old closet into the holiday storage center: every shelf is for a different location or group of items, like your Christmas village.
  3. An outdoor shed can also be used, if you’re using plastic storage bins. I don’t recommend keeping cardboard boxes in your sheds because of bugs, etc.  Plastic bins can be sealed to keep out dust and pesky insects.

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