Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you’ve been asking yourself, “When should I remodel my kitchen” we say the answer is SUMMER! Why? You can easily cook and eat outside in the summer, so if you tackle a full kitchen remodel, you’ll still be able to eat at home and not end up at a restaurant or with take out every night.  However, it’s not always necessary to remodel the entire kitchen. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas for you that won’t break the bank.

Does your kitchen have you feeling all topsy turvy? 

Maybe all you need is to create more space.  Ask yourself if your current organizational system in the kitchen is working for you.  Do you need more room for non-perishable foods? Is your coffee mug space over flowing? Are there ways you can add hanging storage? All of these are simple remodel projects that can be done by adding a peg board, a hanging pot rack, or even finding space for a small kitchen pantry.

Do you hate your countertops? Changing these out doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.  These days the options for solid surface counter tops are endless and having a seamless sink is a nice bonus! Solid Surface counter tops are much less pricey than granite or quartz and they’ll last a long time. Even if you still prefer granite, if all that needs updating is those counter tops, don’t mess with the rest! Just change them out and your kitchen will look brand new.

Another addition to your kitchen that can be done without requiring a full-scale remodel, is adding an island. If you have the room, adding an island is a great way to add storage, counter top space and seating.  One side could be used to store cookbooks, while another has deep drawers for appliances.  You could add outlets and keep your Kitchen Aid Mixer out all the time if you wanted to.  Use it as a bar space and store bar glasses and liquors there too! Islands offer a lot of freedom and options for kitchens with the space to include them.

Kitchen remodeling ideas

Remember, adding to or remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to mean a full-scale “down to the studs” project. Look around and ask yourself what really needs to change. Focus on a few key items and then give us a call for even more kitchen remodeling ideas.  We’ll be happy to help!


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