Calendar and desk organization concept

The 43 folder method

As the manager of this blog, I should be more organized.  I spend my days working on a variety of website design, social media, and blog work for clients, and my desk often ends up cluttered with sticky notes, bits of paper, and a filled to-do list.  While discussing this with my BFF the other day, she sent me this link which described the most awesome organizational method ever: The 43 Folder Method.

I’ll let this video from, and the link above explain the rest.  Below, you can see a picture of my own system (I tend to recycle folders, though one day I’d like to have pretty ones for this) and see some of my thoughts. 2017-08-18 11.50.44

You can see that next folder for me is 21, because Monday is August 21st and I have already finished my Friday, August 18th folder.  I also added small sticky notes with the day of the week.  These get moved along from one folder to the next.

I love this method because it allows me to even assign myself future tasks:  read this article, file this stuff, work on this project, etc.

I can get all the paper off my desk and know that I won’t forget about it in the future.  So far it’s greatly helped me to stay organized! Consider it for your home office, your work office, or even just life!

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