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Seasonal closet organization

Fall is upon us, and that means it’s time to start swapping out summer clothes for fall ones.  If you don’t yet have a custom closet, this may mean storing some items until the spring/summer season rolls back around. What to wear?!

Step 1: Organize your clothes into 5 categories: 1 for each season plus a pile for donations.

  • Start with shoes, determining which ones need to be tossed because they’re too old, which ones need to be donated because they hurt your feet or you don’t wear them, and then sorting the rest into spring, summer, fall, and winter.
  • Move on to dresses and pants and follow the same pattern for those, shirts, and other summer items like bathing suits.

Step 2: Figure out what to store.  If you’re heading into fall then obviously you’re going to be storing your spring and summer clothes.  If you have some crossover items, keep those out.

  • For storage, always opt for large plastic bins with lids.  These will keep better than cardboard, which can attract bugs.  If you’re concerned about clothing moths you can include moth balls, but don’t put them directly on your clothes and make sure to air everything out or wash it before wearing again. Label the boxes accordingly.
  • If you are lucky enough to have an extra closet space, use this for storing your spare clothes.  This will make it easier to put some items, like t-shirts and bathing suits, in boxes, while hanging dresses and pants.

Step 3: Work with what’s left.

  • First, grab a giant trash bag and dump all that donation stuff into it.  Put it in your car right now to take to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • Next, grab another trash bag and dump all those clothes you’re throwing away into it.  Take it to your dumpster or trash can right away.
  • Think about what’s left: hang dresses and pants, and organize them. Hang pants together by color, hang dresses together, skirts together, etc. This is the time to organize!
  • Fold your sweaters and use whatever organizer you prefer for those: dresser drawers, a hanging sweater organizer, canvas organizer bins, etc.
  • Organize your shoes.  Line them up, paired together, in a place that’s easily accessible. If you have shoe boxes for storage, utilize them!

If you still find that your closet just isn’t working for you, give us a call and we’ll create a custom solution! (970) 234-0039.

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