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Road trip organization

Organizing for a road trip isn’t so different from organizing a room in your house: You need a plan of attack and then a place for everything.

  • First, plan that itinerary! Know where you’re going to be each day so that you can make reservations at various hotels or campgrounds.
    • While planning your trip, download apps like gasbuddy and sanidumps to help with finding a better deal on gas or the nearest dump station for your RV.
    • Gather your maps and GPS apps and load up on addresses and other useful info!
  • Next, about a week before your trip, start prepping:
    • Gather your snacks for the car and do some research on restaurants in the towns you’ll be in.
    • Wash clothes: no one wants to have to do all the laundry the night before a trip!
    • Gather books, download stuff onto your Kindle, and grab whatever other boredom busters you need for yourself or your kids.
  • In the car: Packing and finding a place for everything can seem daunting, but all it takes is a little forethought:
    • For each child, make sure he or she has, within reach, pillows and blankets, books, games, headphones, music or DVDs, snacks, etc.  Lots of mom bloggers have different ways of doing this: from handy totes that fit between seats to plastic boxes that store UNDER seats. has some great ideas here. 
    • For clothes and other packables: Pack soft sided suitcases, duffle bags, etc on top of sturdier plastic bins.  We even take an empty plastic bin with us for dirty clothes.
    • Make sure to take care of your own needs by having phone chargers, maps, sunglasses, etc nearby.

Make your next road trip the easiest one yet! Get organized and be prepared!


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