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Organizing your refrigerator doesn’t have to be scary

As I was searching around for new topics to write about related to organization, I stumbled across a post on organizing your refrigerator.  Since I was just having a discussion about this the other night with my better half, it seemed like a good topic to cover.

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One of the first tips I saw, and continued to see, was about using bins or baskets to organize.  At first I thought this would really only work for people with kids: it would be very easy to use a bin for all your string cheese, one for yogurt snacks, one for juice boxes, etc.  I don’t have that level of consistency in my refrigerator, so using baskets to organize seemed like it might not work so well for me.

Then I realized that I DO often have multiple yogurts just stacked in there somewhere…multiple limes lying about, tiny jars of that “fancy” mustard you get at the holidays, etc.  So I can see where a few bins would definitely help me organize the clutter.











Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.37.19 PM

Another great tip I saw was to use a dry erase marker on your fridge and freezer to keep inventory.  Now THIS is brilliant! As you can see in this photo (, it’s possible to get all that clutter off the front of your fridge (although come on, kids’ pictures are adorable), and actually use it to keep track of what’s in there! This is a great option for the freezer too, especially if you’re like me and have a separate large freezer too. Remember what’s in there often means just digging through and saying, “OH! Tuna Steaks!”








Next, and I had to include the picture of this one for it to make sense: use those plastic upright magazine bins as freezer shelves.  You turn them sideways and stack them on top of each other as seen here in this picture from

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.24.58 PM
















Next up: The lazy susan! Using this in your refrigerator is a great way to store extra condiments, those leftover sauces, etc.  This way they don’t get lost at the back of the fridge; they’re right there on your handy lazy susan.

Finally, this isn’t so much as a storage tip, it’s more of a safety one: according to all the sites I looked at, you shouldn’t store your milk or eggs in the door of the refrigerator because the temps fluctuate too much there.  Keep them on the inside shelves and use the door for condiments.

Looking for more ideas? Here are the sites we found most useful:

The Kitchn



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