Kitchen Pantry Storage

Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

With the holidays practically here, we know everyone’s home fills up with friends, family, and extra groceries.  This is when it’s more important than ever to have a tidy and organized pantry to turn to.  If nothing else, it’s a safe place of refuge from the crowd at your house!  But seriously, an organized pantry can be a lifesaver. Here are our tips for keeping yours in tip-top shape:

  • Clear stackable containers are perfect for storing rice, pasta, beans, and other items that otherwise come in boxes and bags of various sizes.  Make sure to clearly label your containers so you know your flax seed from your barely!
  • Wire baskets are great for storing all sorts of things, from loose potatoes and onions to mini-bags of nuts, chips, or trail mix. Keep everything contained and in one place!
  • Open shelves make it easy to stack boxed or canned items, add baskets for smaller or loose items, and still see everything at a glance.
  • Sliding shelves (pictured above) are a great option if your pantry space is more like a small closet and doesn’t allow for walking in.
  • Variety is key and it’s more than just the spice of life. Variety as it relates to your pantry includes all of the above options, plus bins, back-of-the-door racks, bags, etc.
  • Graduated shelving lets you stack canned goods or spices in deep rows, but also makes it easy to see what’s behind row #1.
  • Lazy Susans are also a great option for storing a variety of items. Because they spin it’s easy to always see what’s available.
  • Labels are key no matter what type of methods you choose for organization. It doesn’t matter how neat a place is if you still can’t find anything!




Back of the door racks like this one (  are perfect for small spaces and “closet” style pantries.


Kitchen Pantry Storage

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