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Garage storage organization 101

We all know what happens: You have the best intentions of keeping your garage spic and span! You plan to always be able to park the car in it and to have the best garage organization system possible! And then…life happens.

53a5bdb30d152b45d795a7fc58ca7077So what can you do? Start back at the beginning. FIRST: take stock of everything you have in the garage and decide what needs to be stored together.  For instance: gardening supplies, tools, holiday decorations, sports gear, etc.  SECOND: Take all of this out of the garage and clean it from top to bottom. Sweep the floors, clean the counters (if you have any), and get that garage sparkling! Now you’ll want to keep it that way. THIRD: Draw up a plan.  Measure your space.  Determine how much room you’ll need for vehicles (don’t forget to allow for open doors!), and sketch out your plan. How much space do you have to work with? FOURTH: Look at storage options, or consult us to find out what your possibilities are. Shelving, counters, peg boards, hangers for sports gear and tools, cabinets, etc.  Consider open shelving and clear plastic storage bins too.  LAST: Put it all together! Think about how each area of the garage needs to work: is it just a spot to store garden supplies, or do you need counter space for planting? Do you need a workbench or is a tool cabinet better for you? What can you get off the floor?

In the end, each garage organization solution will be unique to its owner. Depending on how you use your garage and what your hobbies are, you may have more cabinets and shelves, or more hangers for sports equipment. If you have questions about garage storage options, give us a call!


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