Tools hanging from pegboard

5 Tips for tool organization

When it comes to organizing your garage, your tool storage area is one of the most important areas to get straightened up.  There are many ways to organize your toolbox, including having custom storage shelves built for you.   Below are 5 simple ways to help you organize:

  1. Use a pegboard.  Pegboards have so many add-ons that there are endless ways to use them for organization.  You can hang things on them, use other add-ons to store your screwdrivers, and find ways to store your tape, wire spools and more.
  2. Small drawers: Small drawers can be useful for storing screws, nuts, nails, and more.
  3. PURGE everything. Go through your tools, see if things are broken and if they are get rid of them. If you have 5 flat head screwdrivers, decide if you really need them all. If not, get rid of them.
  4. Go vertical – get your bikes off the floor. Use a bike storage system to get your bikes off the floor and use similar systems to get skis off the floor as well.
  5. Got an old chest of drawers? Turn it into a tool box for larger items like drills. keys-workshop-mechanic-tools-162553

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